Kfir M.

Me? I was always creative, and always a geek, for as long as I can remember.

I read fantasy and sci-fi voraciously, and played Dungeons & Dragons non-stop with my friends. I spent almost every waking moment imagining fantastic worlds, monsters, and epic adventures.


But then in November 2000 I was exposed to the wide world of "Primitive" skills and my life took a new course. A passion for ancient ways of doing things started taking over, and my creativity began to focus on ancient techniques and natural materials.


A walk in the woods would often yield a piece of wood, or bone, that would "call" to me. Often, I would have no idea what it would become. Maybe a club, a bow, or a spear? I just knew that one day it would tell me what it wanted to be. And sometimes that piece of the woods I brought home with me would sit there quietly, for years, until one day I would know.

In the mean time, I was focusing on making what is known as Traditional Brain-Tanned Buckskin for a living. It is an ancient (yet still valid)  natural technique of making an extremely soft, supple, luxurious, and yet strong and durable leather.


It took a few years, but eventually my love for all things geeky began to merge with my love for all things natural and primitive. I started making bone knives and swords inspired by weapons I saw in movies or by various cultures. Soon, I got interested in Pyrography and started burning all things geeky on buckskin. It actually started with a map of Middle Earth. To my surprise, art burned on buckskin acquires a 3-Dimensional look. I just cant get enough of it! I keep thinking "Wow! This is so cool!" every time I finish a piece. And it seems that, fortunately, I'm not the only one who likes my work. Which is why this website exists.

I've been featured on Geek & Sundry's Lore Masters show, in Geek Magazine, Skin and Ink Magazine, and more.


So, thanks for checking out this site, and I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it!



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