D&D - Leather Map of The Sword Coast- ORIGINAL

D&D - Leather Map of The Sword Coast- ORIGINAL


The Sword Coast


If you've played Dungeons & Dragons, played RPG video games, or read fantasy novels anytime in the last 30+ years, then you likely visited The Sword Coast.
Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Daggerford, Candlekeep, Beregost and so many other places we've had endless adventures in. 
This map of The Sword Coast features the all the lands from the eastern edge of the Moonshae Isles to the north-western end of Anauroch desert. From Icewind Dale to Amn. The sigils of the largest (or most visited/known) locations are included, all burned into buckskin and painted with natural pigments and a bone tool just like the rest of the map itself.

A perfect addition to your D&D-themed cave, it's a true beauty you'll pass on to your grandkids.

Check out a video of the making of this map on my video page.

The map itseld measures roughly 21x28", and the full skin about 39x43". Display is NOT included, but the map can be hung from holes cut into the edge of the hide.
If you'd like a custom display made for you, feel free to message me to discuss your vision. 


I also offer an 16x22 print of this map. Check the store for availability.


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