LIMITED EDITION Lord of the Rings - Map of Middle Earth Winter

LIMITED EDITION Lord of the Rings - Map of Middle Earth Winter


This is a LIMITED EDITION series of 10 signed and numbered fine art prints of my map of Middle-earth, hand embellished for hours to bring winter to your favorite fantasy land!
Using expert advice from Tolkien scholars, and a little artistic license, I added snow and other features to the appropriate locations throughout Middle-earth. 

Relive all your favorite parts of Sam & Frodo's journey Mordor with this accurate reproduction of the map of Middle Earth. The original piece, in buckskin, was designed as if it was commissioned from Elvish crafters by Samwise and Rosey Gamgee. It contains many small details of the world of Middle Earth, such as the individual beacons of Gondor, Beorn's cabin, the door to Moria, and many more.

This 16"x22" giclée reproduction of my original deer leather map will comfortably fit in any 18"x24" frame, while still allowing the attractive deckled edge to show. 


My giclée prints are available on two types of paper:


Heavyweight Enhanced Matte Paper which will appear textured, but is smooth to the touch. The deckled edges are ripped by hand and make the print feel more aged and unique.


Want something a little more special? You can also get the map printed on Heavier, Fine Art, Watercolor Paper which has a texture and feel similar to the buckskin original for an increased price. This version includes the hand-deckled edges as well as a personal embelleshment of natural pigments painted on with a primitive bone paintbrush.