Spider-Man #100 - Cover Recreation - Autographed by Stan Lee

Spider-Man #100 - Cover Recreation - Autographed by Stan Lee


Amazing Spider-Man #100 - Autographed by Stan Lee


This is by far the most technically difficult piece I've ever created. It took over 120 hours of painstaking attention to detail, but it was all worth it.

The original cover was drawn by John Romita in 1971, and the story was written by Stan Lee, who autgraphed this piece at a convention in Cincinatti in 2016. Certificate of Authenticity is included.

The piece was started in 2016 and finished in 2021, when Spiderman was painted.

Hand burned onto traditional, all natural, buckskin.



Size: 18x24


About Buckskin Pyrography:

Traditional buckskin is an ancient material. Its use dates back tens of thousands of years, and the principles and methods of making it have not changed much in all that time. Neither has its usefulness, luxurious texture, and high quality.

When buckskin is burned on, its unique qualities lend a 3-Dimensional surface to the art. In order to take full advantage of this aspect and make the artwork "pop", I recommend oblique lighting be used (This creates shadows which give depth to the piece).

A side effect of the process of making traditional buckskin is that it can smell strongly of smoke. Smoking the skin is the last step in the tanning process. It makes the skin water resistant and also gives it its trademark color, ranging from light yellows to dark browns.
The smell of smoke is normal, and many people enjoy it, equating it to the smell of a campfire.

Please understand that your art piece will smell of smoke, and in order to reduce the smell I recommend framing it in glass. This will also protect the art and ensure it lasts for many years to come.


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